Die Tibetische Alternative zum Burger.

4x Scha Bale (Tibet Buns)

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Scha Bales are Tibetan buns and are sometimes among the most popular classics of traditional Tibetan cuisine. Ideal as apero snacks, starter or as a main course (approx. 4 pieces). Enveloped by a crispy-tart wheat roll, the taste of Tibetan seasoned beef (origin: CH) awaits you inside the Scha Bale, which gets its juicy-aromatic taste through cooking in your own juice.

Quantity: 4 pieces

Weight: approx. 280g

Preparation: preheat the oven on the oven to 200 ° C. Top the baking sheet with baking paper. Then place the frozen Scha Bale's on it and bake golden-brown for 15-20 min.

White flour dough (contains gluten), yeast, water.

Content from Swiss beef meat, onions, white cabbage, leek, spices.

Can contain traces of egg, celery, yeast and mustard.