The MoMoment - or why we love to prepare Momos in the bamboo steamer

We love Momos and have been sending them gently frozen across Switzerland since the beginning of 2020. Some may ask "why should I steam Momos myself?!"

We also asked ourselves this question at the beginning. But it quickly became clear that we don't want to deprive you of the experience of steaming in an authentic bamboo steamer.

Imagine the moment when you lift the lid of your bamboo steamer. The wonderful smell of fresh momos with a hint of bamboo aroma hits you. And immediately you feel transported to the gentle slopes of a remote valley in the middle of the Himalayas. We don't want to deprive you of this moment, which we call the *MoMoment* with a wink.

You will only get this experience if you get behind the stove yourself. Because as soon as the Momos are on the plate, this magic moment flies. And the great thing about steaming, it only takes you one or two minutes of active work. The rest is done by your bamboo steamer.

But even as you eat the momos, you can still detect the delicate bamboo aroma that gives your momos an extra authentic touch.

So it's not just the delicious momos that you can get from us. But it is also this special *MoMoment* that we want to give you.